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W/E 30.09.23 - Loch Ness 10k / “All Hail to the Trails”

This week we had a member travel north of the border to the Loch Ness marathon event - Marina Murdoch took on the 10K race. Marina completed the course in a time of 68:57 – Well done Marina!

From north of the border we focus next on North Norfolk – to an event that makes our off-road runners very happy, not in the least our XC captain Tony Beales, the Felbrigg Trail event which signifies the start of the off-road / XC season. We had 6 members at the event, 5 took part in the 10k and one in the 5k. First home for WAC was Adrian Hall (49:15), quickly followed by Ross Palgrave (51:58), Tom Storey (52:51), Tony Beales (54:02) & Tom Waterfall (63:58). Our one-and-only (without bursting in Chesney Hawkes) in the 5k event is our one-and-only Dee Middleton-Hall completing the course in a time of 31:16 and taking home 1st F55! Well done Dee and the rest in the 10k event.
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