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W/E 11.05.2024 - Dereham 10miler

**Dereham 🦌 10 miler**
The 10 mile event host by Dereham Runners AC had 32 WAC members taking part on the warm spring day. First back for WAC was Kevin Holland, finishing 4th overall, in a time of 58:14, quickly followed by Chris Gay (58:49) & Chris Bullock (62:14). Our first female back was Kate Gooding (PB 🎖– 68:36) followed by Claire Woodcroft (PB 🎖– 75:30) & Claire Brown (76:33).

4 new shiny PBs were registered over the 10 mile distance, even in the warm sunshine 🔥☀️, Dan Brocklehurst (PB 🎖️- 66:33), Kate Gooding (PB 🎖️), Claire Woodcroft  (PB 🎖️) & a second one in the week for Dani Gilbert (PB 🎖️– 85:19) – Well done you four!

We also had numerous age category winners – Kevin Holland 2nd 🥈M45-49, Chris Gay 2nd 🥈MO, Chris Bullock 1st 🥇M50-54, Kate Gooding 1st 🥇F40-44, Ian Moore 3rd 🥉M55-59 (68:43), Yitzhak Ben-aroya 2nd 🥈M65-69 (73:24), Claire Brown 1st 🥇F60-64, Stephen Dady 2nd 🥈M70-74 (80:07), Graham Walsh 1st 🥇M75+ (82:28) & the legend that is Eva Osborne 2nd 🥈F75+ (1:53:43). Well done to all that placed – I think we had plenty of county medallists too and I will update this once I have the results.

Our teams also placed too – 1st place for our veterans ladies team, comprising of Kate Gooding, Claire Woodcroft, Claire Brown & Lisa Greengrass  (77:53)🥇🥇🥇🥇. Our Veterans mens team also finished second, our team comprising of Kevin Holland, Chris Bullock, Dan Brocklehurst & Ian Moore🥈🥈🥈🥈.

Fantastic running by all and thank you to the new WAC cameraman Gareth Seville for his images 📸📷 on the day! 🙌🏻 #TeamWAC
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