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NEW YEAR DAY 10k - Best event of the year!

Lastly this week we review the best race of the year - an extremely biased opinion! The Wymondham New Year's Day 10k is an event we are extremely proud of and we must thank all our members who came out in force to support on the day. From ringing cow🐮 🔔 bells, clamping 👏🏻 all the runners, many high fives 🙌🏻 or just shouting encouragement very loudly.... Some had some help Kim Powles 📢📢 we try our best to keep everyone going even in a strong head wind 💨💨 like there was on Monday. Thank you to Charlotte Richardson and her team for organising such a lovely day.... And the sun 😎 🌞 shone also; not like this wet stuff that keeps falling from the sky since (majority of Parkruns have been cancelled in Norfolk at the time of this report)! 🙄

We also had 18 runners in the end; first WACer home was Jacob Kenworthy (36:45) and first female WACer was Harriet Carr (38:13) finishing 4th female in a time which would have won the event the year before in an extremely strong head wind, displaying the brilliant runners we had attend our race this year. The winning female time was a new course record, as previously reported, and the male time was on one the quickest in recent years in tough conditions. The only PB recorded on the day was by Tom Waterfall 🎖️with a time of 41:09 and two age category placings with Chris Bullock 3rd🥉M50-54 (41:08) and Stephen Dixon 2nd🥈M60-64 (42:32).
#TeamWAC 💜🤍💜🤍

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