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Committee Meetings

The Committee meets around 8 times a year and is chaired by the Chairman and attended by the Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members.


Committee Members

Katie Whitmore Chair

Richard Morris Secretary

Michelle Barker Treasurer / Deputy Child Welfare Officer

Mark Banfield Child Welfare Officer

Alison Armstrong Press Officer

Robbie Starling Joint Newsletter Editor

David Powles Joint Newsletter Editor

Lisa Greengrass Committee Member

Gavin Hall Membership Secretary

Rob Stratton Committee Member

Keith Blake Committee Member

Kathryn Heaney Committee Member


Other Club Officials

Katie Whitmore Race Director

Samantha Grainger Race Secretary
Anneke Cook Race Secretary

Kim Reader Head Coach

Tony Beales Cross Country Captain

Eva Osborne Records Secretary

Kevin Fraser Club Points Co-ordinator

Mark Banfield Club Captain

Jet Watkinson Club Captain


Contact Details

For all enquiries please contact the Club Secretary by email:

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