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WAC20 2024 - What a day!

Lastly on our weekly review, we look back at our very own WAC20 - although we had 💨 windy conditions💨, the day was an amazing success and brilliantly pulled off by our race committee. Run director Sue Stirling  and her compadres Charlotte Richardson , chair Katie Whitmore  and Wendy Burgess along with many other volunteers over the weekend ensured the day was ran extremely smoothly - which left our brilliant WAC marshals to bring the noise..... And that we did 🔊📢🔔📯 we cheered on from every water station and marshal point to ensure those painstaking 20miles were as fun as possible for the runners, many who were putting some hard yards in prior to their spring marathons. Adam Baker  was so keen not to miss out he ran the 20 miles even after slogging himself at the Orion 15 trail race the day before! 🥵🥵

Internally we had some brilliant results to shout about.... First home for WAC was Aidan Banfield in an amazing time of 1:54:23, which was not only good enough to finish 1st 🥇🏆 overall but achieved the senior club record 🏅along with the quickest time ran by a WACer ever over the distance.... #hesoneofourown 
1st female WAC home was Ali Armstrong in a time of 2:17:50, which also managed to achieve a 3rd🥉🏆 female overall finish.

We also managed 11 new 🚨shiny PBs 🚨 :- Aidan Banfield (PB🎖️), Matt Webster (PB 🎖️ - 2:05:58), Gareth Seville (PB 🎖️- 2:18:25), Kate Gooding (PB 🎖️- 2:21:07), Craig Skipper (PB 🎖️- 2:33:36), Claire Brown  (PB 🎖️- 2:34:16), Robbie Starling (PB 🎖️- 2:36:12), Jon Shoots  (PB 🎖️- 2:42:22), Tony Beales (PB 🎖️- 2:43:35), Keith Blake (PB 🎖️- 2:54:15) Caroline Pocock (PB 🎖️- 3:08:43) and Kimberley Powles (PB 🎖️- 3:13:50).

Amazingly Aidan wasn't the only Club record on the day as another 3 went to Kevin Holland  M45-49 🏅(1:59:30), Claire Brown F60-64 🏅& Ami Russell F Senior 🏅 (2:39:43) - well done you four! 🙌🏻

Aidan & Ali were not the only placing runners for WAC; he was joined by Kevin Holland 1st🥇M45-49, Jon Shorten 2nd 🥈M55-59 (2:20:59), Kate Gooding 2nd 🥈 F40-44, Todd Lake 3rd 🥉 M60-64 (2:24:00) & Claire Brown 1st F60-64.

Well done to all involved - what a brilliant day for the club! #TeamWAC 🙌🏻🙌🏻 💜🤍💜🤍
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