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W/E 08.06.2024 - Aylsham 5k.... the longer route!

**EPIC Norfolk Aylsham 5k **
The run hosted by EPIC Norfolk - Exercising People In Communities Norfolk was unfortunately sabotaged by some young members of the public moving some signs which meant the runners complete the course over 5.25k and unfortunately voiding the results on the evening. Nevertheless, the 10 WAC runners that made it across all enjoyed their WAC team photo, so much we had 2 - Thank you Billy Wheeler for your support and photos! Our WACers also had a nice additional 0.25km further than expected. First home for WAC was Jacob Kenworthy (17:47) followed quickly by Ben Beynon (17:50) before Matt Goode (20:02), Ian Moore (20:29), Kevin Simpson (21:17), Kevin Denmark (24:35), James Heaney  (24:58), Gavin Hall (25:25), Suzanne Moore (33:50) and Laura Seville (37:56) all made it home safely. Well done to you all! 🙌🏻

#TeamWAC 💜🤍💜🤍
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