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W/E 06.04.2024 - Sportlink GP Race 3 - Trowse 10k

Lastly on our weekly review, we look back at the latest Sportlink Specialist Sports Ltd GP series race.

**Trowse 10k**

The third instalment of the GP series of the series was the Trowse 10k, hosted by City of Norwich AC, the route encompasses a nice loop towards Whitlingham and along the broad edge before the runners head into Trowse and up the ⛰🏔hill🏔⛰ and around the back of the ⛷dry-ski slope⛷…. Twice!
First home for WAC was Kevin Holland (34:20) followed by Adam Baker (35:34) and Ben Beynon (37:01). First female home was Claire Woodcroft (44:10) followed by Lisa Greengrass (44:16) and Kathryn Heaney (46:22).

The PB bell was out again this weekend as Claire Woodcroft (PB 🎖️), Kevin Simpson (PB 🎖️– 44:14), Lisa Greengrass (PB 🎖️), Pete Sharpe (PB 🎖️– 49:33) and Becky Stringer (PB 🎖️– 60:03) all defied gravity and set Personal bests on a ⛰hilly⛰ 10k route – superstars! 😎Talking of superstars and for the second time in this weekly review, Adam Baker set yet another Club record 🏅with his time of 35:54 – Well done Adam!

We also had some amazing results - our placing runners this week were; Kevin Holland 2nd M45-49, Adam Baker 1st 🥇M50-54, Chris Bullock 3rd 🥉M50-54 (37:24), James Hall 2nd 🥈MU18 (42:18), Claire Woodcroft 1st 🥇F40-44, Lisa Greengrass 3rd 🥉F45-49, Yitzhak Ben-aroya 1st 🥇M65-69 (44:17), Stephen Dady 2nd 🥈M70-74 (48:33), Graham Walsh 1st 🥇M75+ (49:11) & Eva Osborne 2nd 🥈F75+ (64:25).

Some amazing time by all – great work! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

#TeamWAC 💜🤍💜🤍
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