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Sportlink GP 2024 Race 2 - Valentine's 10k

Lastly on the fourth race of the hectic weekend – we look back at the latest Sportlink Specialist Sports Ltd  GP series race: -

** Valentines 10k **
The second race of the 2024 series hosted by the Norfolk Gazelles  is always a popular one amongst the WAC members and this year was no different – 71 members made it around the rural 10km route west of Easton. This year with water crossings 🌊💧– multiple floods throughout the course due to constant rain🌧️☔ in the last few weeks along with an overnight deluge - the water obstacle one at mile 4 was particularly refreshing 🥶…… and long! 🤣

First home for WAC was Kevin Holland  (34:07) followed quickly by Matt Webster (PB – 34:50) and Chris Gay (34:59). The first WAC female was Alison Armstrong  (39:22), followed by Kate Gooding (PB – 40:30) & Jo Delf (PB – 41:29).
Personal bests were registered on the day by Matt Webster, Steven Mcnicholas 🎖️ (PB – 35:03), Josh Castlo-Hall 🎖️(PB – 35:28), Mark Armstrong 🎖️(PB – 38:25), Tom Waterfall 🎖️(PB – 40:23), Kate Gooding 🎖️, Jo Delf🎖️, Ben Smith 🎖️(PB – 42:39), Craig Skipper 🎖️(PB – 43:51), Lisa Greengrass 🎖️ (PB – 44:19), Helen Pidgeon🎖️(PB – 51:55), Clare Suter 🎖️(PB – 57:07) & Laura Seville 🎖️(PB – 72:33). Adam Baker 🏅 even managed a Club record; running a time of 36:04 to break the existing M50-54.

Our age category placers on the day were: - Kevin Holland 2nd 🥈M45-49, Adam Baker 2nd 🥈M50-54, Billy Wheeler  3rd 🥉M50-54 (36:40), Alison Armstrong 1st 🥇F40-44, Kate Gooding 2nd 🥈F40-44, Jo Delf 3rd 🥉F40-44, Claire Brown  1st 🥇F60-64 (44:54), Stephen Dady 1st 🥇M70-74 (47:45) & Graham Walsh 2nd 🥈 M75+ (50:31).
Our teams were successful too - Over 40 Ladies team comprising of Alison, Kate & Jo finished 1st🥇 overall, our Over 40 Mens team included Kevin Holland, Adam Baker & Billy Wheeler finished 2nd 🥈 overall and both our Under 40s Female 🥉and Mens 🥉 team finished 3rd overall. Our Mens team consisted of Matt Webster, Chris Gay & Steven McNicholas whereas our successful Ladies team included Claire Kent (42:33), Natasha Eagle (50:56) & Helen Pidgeon (51:55).

Well done to all that ran – some amazing times by all! Thank you to Dreampace again for their brilliant images as always.
#TeamWAC 💜🤍💜🤍
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