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W/E 23.03.2024 - Orion 15, Gunnersbury 10k & Lingwood Duathlon

First up on our weekly review we look back from out of the area first. First up on Saturday, Juliette Watkinson  and Adam Baker  travelled down to North London to run the Orion 15  in Epping Forest hosted by Adam's old club Orion Harriers . The 15 mile trail run through the undulating forest incorporated some epic mud this year - as you can see from their legs! Both Adam (2:10:49) & Jet (2:11:46) survived with one of them making a special appearance in our post later on also.

Next up from London, this time on Sunday and over in west London, was Rachael Lockwood  running in the Gunnersbury Park 10k. Rachael successfully made her way around the course in a time of 57:48.

Slightly closer to home and before the report from the big event; Kathryn Heaney  took part in the Lingwood duathlon , hosted by our friends at Tri-Anglia . The event is 41k overall, with two 5k runs sandwiching a 19.3mile bike route. Kathryn safely navigated her away around the undulating and in the windy conditions to come 2nd🥈🏆 female home overall.

Well done you all #TeamWAC 💜🤍💜🤍
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